Air Space Plans

Accurate Air Space Plans for Greater Vancouver and BC

Many commercial and residential developments now include air space parcels, and Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is a leader in the development of air space plans and surveys. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd owns a full suite of advanced survey equipment, and has developed field and office techniques specifically suited for condominium surveys and the efficient creation of accurate air space plans.

The Benefits of Air Space Plans in BC

The title to a piece of land goes above and below the surface of a property. With municipal approval and an air space plan, it is possible to subdivide land vertically and create a title to a volume of air above or below a property. Air space plans are particularly important in the development of high-rise buildings because they create separate lots within a development. Typical use is in a mixed-use development where a developer does not want to have a commercial strata and residential usage in the same strata plan. An air space parcel can be created to give a new title to a certain part of the development, which is then subdivided by another strata plan.

Bennett Specializes in Air Space Plans

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is at the forefront of developing air space plans and surveys. This area is one of our specialties and we have developed various techniques that allow us to efficiently complete these very complex projects. We are extremely experienced in designing air space parcels in buildings that are under construction, and preliminary air space plans to facilitate the approval process. Techniques vary from traditional surveys with conventional survey equipment to complex remote laser scanning. The techniques we employ are selected to ensure maximum efficiency on each project and vary depending on the particular project.

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