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Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has a track record of over 40 years of quality surveying in the Greater Vancouver area. We provide a broad range of survey services, such as projects for individual homeowners, mapping services for large land developments, and legal, construction and movement monitoring services for some of the largest and most complex developments in the Lower Mainland. Regardless of the scope of the project, we will tailor our field and office services to your needs, and we always ensure the highest level of accuracy, cooperation and proficiency. These are some of the services we provide:

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Building Location Certificates

Mortgage certificates, formally called Building Location Certificates (BLC), are house location plans often required by banks as part of financing arrangements with a house purchase. If you are buying a house and your bank calls for a mortgage certificate, you will be required to provide a plan showing the lot, any structures and rights-of-way on the lot, and any encroachments either onto or off of the lot.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd provides BLC surveys to clients after careful research of existing plans to ensure we can determine the property lines, and locate the house and all other structures relative to those lot lines in the most efficient manner possible. We rely on our own records and land title office survey records to complete our research before conducting our fieldwork using state of the art equipment. Plans are prepared digitally and presented in digital and/or plotted formats, and delivered to your lawyer electronically.

Home renovations require a survey which shows the house location on the property, similar to a mortgage certificate. Enough topographical detail needs to be included in order to allow the municipality to determine that the finished renovation will comply with building zoning requirements. Renovating homeowners often request that we acquire more than the minimum amount of topographical detail to satisfy municipal requirements. The advantage of more information is essential in the retention or enhancement of particular landscape features.

In most cases, and especially where variance is required, we provide digital photography for contextual information. Many architects, using computer technology, can now superimpose their design into our digital images. These images can be used to circulate to neighbours and the Board of Variance.

Property Boundary Staking

When constructing a new house, adding an addition, building a fence, or landscaping a garden, it is important to know where your property lines are. In the event of uncertainty, a reposting survey is necessary to determine property corners and re-establish property lines. The saying “good fences make good neighbors” is only true if the fence is in its correct location, observing precise property lines.

When re-establishing property corners, we work within an accuracy of approximately 1/8″ or 0.003 meters. We rely on our own records as well as land title office records to ensure the latest information available is used in the field and office. All surveys are filed in the land title office electronically, and can be accessed by the owner, neighbours and other land surveyors. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been providing property line repostings for over 30 years, and we rely on that experience to provide the best service possible within an established time frame and budget.

Subdivision Plans

If you wish to create more housing lots from one property or rearrange property lines to accommodate existing houses or land use, you will need a subdivision survey. A subdivision plan is the end result of a long process involving a significant survey component, negotiations with approving authorities and consultations with neighbors. Collaboration between land development professionals including land surveyors, civil engineers, architects, marketing teams and planners is essential in the completion of a subdivision.

Survey components usually include boundary re-tracement, topography, planning, layout of roads and services and posting the new lot corners on all subdivided lots. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd also prepares the subdivision plan for deposit at the BC land title office.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has substantial experience subdividing land in the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas, ranging from two to several hundred lots in size. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd regularly provides efficient and accurate services in conjunction with the various consultants involved in the subdivision process. We ensure the information supplied will interface seamlessly with all parties involved.

Air Space Plans

Many commercial and residential developments now include air space parcels, and Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is a leader in the development of air space surveys and plan preparation. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd owns a full suite of advanced survey equipment, and has developed field and office techniques specifically suited for condominium surveys.

The title to a piece of land goes above and below the surface of a property. With municipal approval and an air space plan, it is possible to subdivide land vertically and create a title to a volume of air above or below a property. Air space plans are particularly important in the development of high-rise buildings because they create separate lots within a development. Typical use is in a mixed-use development where a developer does not want to have a commercial strata and residential usage in the same strata plan. An air space parcel can be created to give a new title to a certain part of the development, which is then subdivided by another strata plan.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is at the forefront of developing air space surveys and plans. This area is one of our specialties and we have developed various techniques that allow us to efficiently complete these very complex projects. We are extremely experienced in designing air space parcels in buildings that are under construction, and preliminary air space plans to facilitate the approval process. Techniques vary from traditional surveys with conventional survey equipment to complex remote laser scanning. The techniques we employ are selected to ensure maximum efficiency on each project and vary depending on the particular project.


Leases provide both building owners and tenants security by establishing their rights and responsibilities. The duration of tenancy, rate, and terms of the lease are all covered by a lease agreement. The leased premises have to be measured to establish the area and location of the premises. Any lease agreement exceeding three years is required by law to be registered at the BC land title office.

Leased areas are typically measured in BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards, a standard for measuring floor area in office buildings. These plans are included in lease documents for the protection of both the landlord and the tenant. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has experience conducting surveys and preparing plans up to BOMA standards and filing with the BC land title office.


An easement handles the encroachment of one property owner’s rights over an adjacent property. For example, if your driveway (dominant tenement) was on your neighbour’s property (servient tenement), you would require an easement over your neighbour’s property to give you security of rights to that piece of property. Easements are also used for protecting the rights of passage through large buildings from one owner’s property to another.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been identifying property boundaries and the rights associated with them for over 30 years. An easement plan can be prepared by us to accompany the title of a property. The agreement is then lawfully approved by the servient tenement and registered at the BC land title office.

Statutory Rights of Way

Statutory rights-of-way are rights that a municipal or industrial user has over certain lands. For example, municipalities often have statutory rights-of-way over lands for water or sewer uses, and BC Hydro has thousands of kilometres of rights-of-way over lands for their hydro lines. Other examples include the thousands of kilometres of railway, highway, oil and gas pipeline statutory rights-of-way across BC. Unlike an easement, which exists between property owners, a statutory right-of-way has no designated dominant tenement. Therefore, the covenant exists between the landowner and the municipality or the utility provider. Statutory rights-of-way are very common, with most urban properties being subject to rights-of-way or easement agreements.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is regularly entrusted with the survey of statutory rights-of-way for both municipal and industrial clients. Through diligent research, excellent client relations and the use of our state-of-the-art field equipment and computer software, we are able to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants are used to restrict the use of a certain area of land and are often used by municipal authorities to ensure that new construction projects meet certain criteria. For example, a restrictive covenant can be used to ensure that new houses are of a certain size. Restrictive covenants can also be used to make sure creek banks are protected from development for the benefit of fish-bearing waters. Restrictive covenants are also occasionally used by individual homeowners to protect view corridors over adjacent properties, with the agreement of the adjacent property owner.

Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has been entrusted with the survey of many kilometres of creek banks within development projects we have completed. We have developed both on-site and aerial means to facilitate the identification and survey of these types of restrictive covenants. Local governments and the Crown Provincial, on behalf of developers, entrust us with creating the boundaries that best reflect the requirements of those agencies. Bennett Land Surveying Ltd utilizes the latest in field and office computing equipment, together with LiDAR mapping where available, to facilitate surveys required for the creation of a restrictive covenant.


As-built surveying includes inspection immediately following new home construction. As-built plans provide homeowners with a certification of occupancy, and they accurately describe the property and the modifications that have been done as a result of the construction. They will include information about elevation, external property elements, municipal guidelines that the structure adheres to, boundary definitions and the location of utilities.


Bennett Land Surveying Ltd has extensive experience providing calculations for coal piles and gravel quarries in West Vancouver. We create surfaces using digital terrain models and topographic surveys, and we calculate volumes from two different surfaces.


Bennett Land Surveying Ltd is one of very few companies in the Lower Mainland that offers High Definition Surveying. High Definition Surveying (HDS) uses highly-advanced laser scanning equipment, capable of measuring 50,000 points per second, to generate very accurate 3D point models of any object, structure or terrain. This type of surveying is suited for preparing as-built, topographic or engineering plans of highly detailed structures such as:

  • Heritage building facades
  • Pipe works in plants sites 
  • Electrical substations
  • Large-scale industrial equipment 
  • Objects that have irregular features such as dams or bridges
  • Areas with limited or no access such as steep cliffs 
  • Busy highways and intersections 
  • Environmentally sensitive areas

HDS is also very effective for quantitative surveys, such as determining volumes of excavations or stockpiles. If your project requires a survey of a detailed structure or an area with limited access, then HDS may be your solution. We are pleased to discuss HDS as a safe, accurate and cost effective option for your surveying needs.

For more information about any of our surveying services, please feel free to contact us today.

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